Niagara Falls: A full rainbow Niagara Falls: A full rainbow
jason | 2008-07-01 21:22:01

Horseshoe Falls on the right, falls on the left, some tour boats, all highlighted by a full rainbow.

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Arts & Crafts
Crichton-20060817-0022.jpeg Crichton Rebuild, August 2006
Photos of Crichton's rebuild, which was done in August 2006 while we lived on Phillips Street in Providence, RI.
BoleroFront.jpeg Devon's Knitting
Photos of Devon's many various knitting projects.
JoansQuilt.jpeg Devon's Sewing
Photos of Devon's various sewing projects.
Family & Friends
EthanMom.JPG Family and Friends
Various photos of family and friends.
20050718-0018.jpeg Family Photos and Portraits
Our family photos taken for various reasons.
Shakespeare.jpg Shakespeare in the Park, Boston, MA, 2006
Photos taken of the production of The Taming of the Shrew at the 2006 Shakespeare in the Park in Boston. We went with Tim and Joan on the most miserably hot and humid day of the year.
blockisland_0017.jpeg Block Island, RI, 2004
Photos taken on our day trip to Block Island, RI with Christa and Mark in 2004.
Boston-20060714-0016-rotated.jpeg Boston Downtown, July 2006
Photos of various landmarks taken in downtown Boston in July 2006 while Celeste visited.
Boston-Downtown-20080526-0037.jpg Boston Downtown, May 2008
Some photos taken around the Boston downtown in May 2008.
Austria 2007
Austria-2007-0143.jpeg Hallstatt, June 2007
Photos taken while we were in Hallstatt, Austria in June 2007.
Austria-2007-0061.jpeg Herrenchiemsee, May 2007
Photos taken at Herrenchiemsee. The weather was horrible, otherwise we would have gotten some better shots.
Austria-2007-0029.jpeg Munich, May 2007
This is a set of photos taken in Munich during our May-June 2007 trek through southern Germany and Austria.
BC-Graduation-20080519-0009.jpg BC Graduation, May 2008
Photos taken at my Boston College graduation in May 2008.
Marathon-Boston-20080421-0006.jpg Boston Marathon, April 2008
Photos of the 2008 Boston Marathon.
Car_Damage_March-2007-0001.jpeg Cleo's Damage
Photos of the damage done to Cleo, our 1999 Honda Civic, in 2007 and 2008 in two separate incidents.
Baking & Pastry
AppleAUJ.jpg Aujourd'hui Plated Desserts
Photos of various plated dessert Devon (and others) have made at Aujourd'hui (Four Seasons: Boston).
EmployeeDessert1.jpg Devon's Employee of the Month Dessert, August 2006
Photos of the prep behind Devon's August 2008 employee of the month dessert for The Four Seasons: Boston.
20050718-0063.jpeg Devon's First Official Wedding Cake, September 2005
Photos of Devon's first 'official' wedding cake, which was done for Jen, her friend and former Starbucks co-worker.
baltimore_june2003_0015.jpeg Flowers
Macro photos of flowers and other plants taken at various times.